Sunday, January 24, 2010

Humility is the Ultimate Arrogance

Dear Blog,
it has been a long time since I wrote in you last. I've said this before but this time I has a good reason. I just didn't feel like it. The main reason I felt as such was because people that I knew actually read it. Not only did they consume the delicacies of my mind, they regurgitated the imagery back to me in the form of inquisitive conversation. It's sorta like asking someone if that really is their ass on their Myspace profile (sidebar: Rupert Murdoch owns Myspace, LOL). My thoughts of this matter was that I was inviting those who came to the feast. Sometimes people got offended when I referred to their cooking as divine in their image but vile in my writings even if I never spoke of such an opinion in conversation. Anyway, enough about me. What's up with you. People have been coming by check you out; asking about me and stuff. What you tell em? I hoped you told them that I was on fantastic journey. I hope you tell them that the truth will be revealed even if it is hidden in undertones.

I am not really awesome in real life. That's the truth. I am middle aged, short, stocky and bald. Anyone can tell you that. The truth is I am awesome; I just never say it. The reason that I never say it is because I would rather those around me to come to that conclusion themselves. It's way better than the letdown of unfullfilled expectations of the overtly arrogant. I try to do everything to the fullest but I never let them see me sweat. Those who see me sweat stand too close. If you have seen me sweat, I may begin to push you away. Its not you. I just don't want you to think I am awesome anymore.



Blogger bint alshamsa dropped...

I just wanted to let you know that I still come through every once in awhile to see what's up with you. I hope you've been well.

14/8/07 11:37  
Blogger blackcaesar dropped...

its nice to see you stopping by to see what's up; definitely...

14/8/07 20:58  
Blogger Sparkle dropped...

"Is that really your azz on your Myspace profile"???? Who would ask such a question as THAT? LOL How tacky. LOL

23/2/10 23:24  
Blogger minnie dropped... are awesomely arrogant..tall as a giant, built like am athelete, handosme and sexxxxxy. U can't push me away, I like ie when you sweat. ..wink

U are beautifully made in his likeness no other, we are fortune to have you bless us with your thoughts, rhetoric and passion (s).
You are edible in all aspects....but unlike like them, I will swallow!
Black Ceez:

22/2/11 20:24  

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